Intellismart Technology, Inc. is a fully integrated business solutions and information technology company. We provide business management systems, audio-video solutions, security systems, professional displays, content management and digital advertising solutions. The company carries an extensive range of IT, office and AV products.


Established in Ontario, Canada in the year 2000; the company began as a software development company. In response to an increased demand for commissioned IT solutions, Intellismart Technology expanded operations in the Philippines in the early part of 2003. At present, the company ranks among the top system integrators in the country.


Our clients and end-users come from various industries: hospitality, food retail, non-food retail, manufacturing, property, lifestyle, services, education and more.

Intellismart Technology is a fully integrated information technology company aimed at providing exceptional software, hardware, security solutions and audio-visual solutions to our clients. We do this by continuously developing and improving our business management solutions, exploring the market for the latest technology, partnering exclusively with top IT brands, and heavily investing in research and development for innovation and expansion of our own I.T. Brand.

As a company, we value loyalty and integrity. We value our business relationships with our partners and clients. Our success is founded in innovation, excellent customer service and loyalty to the brands we carry.

We aspire to be an internationally recognized company where we are the partner of choice for IT solutions. Capitalizing on the sustained growth of the IT industry, we are aggressively working towards exponential annual growth and profitability.



Intellismart offers comprehensive consulting and planning services. We utilize the most appropriate valued engineering technology for our designs.

Our designs are customized to fit your requirements. This is achieved through close engagement with the client.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions that suit their budget.


Intellismart provides on-site testing, commissioning and programming services.

Our strength lies in the technical expertise of our specialists. Their knowledge and depth of experience allows them to handle simple, complex and integrated systems.

We have our own team of systems developers and programmers who have been trained here and abroad.


Intellismart works with our clients’ architectural and industrial design teams, contractors and management for a smooth installation.

We manage costs and resources allocation. Our project team guarantees compliance to the project design in order to protect the integrity of the project.

A project team with the required skill sets is assigned to work with our clients every step of the way.


Intellismart provides end user technical training and conduct special training programs for knowledge enhancement and technology updates relative to the solutions and services acquired.

Preventive Maintenance Program is part of our Customer Care Service. Clients may acquire this service by subscribing to our Service Level Agreement.

Intellismart understands that as your business grows and technology rapidly evolves, your requirements also change. We offer our services to review your current system and provide you with the up to date and relevant technology for your requirements and budget.